Similarly, during the Asia, 31% of top professionals was ladies, compared with 20% in the usa

An ancient proverb admonishes newlyweds in order to “getting hitched up until your hair turns white

Regarding the eight out-of ten people during the Asia got feamales in elder administration spots, weighed against approximately half in the Eu and two thirds regarding the You.S., according to Grant Thornton All over the world. [ Newsweek “The women Who want to Focus on the world” ]

The fresh new Chinese try not to give merchandise as wedding gift suggestions. As an alternative, they offer a hong bao (“red-colored envelope”) with bucks. The amount of money is chosen to stop the unlucky count four (and this appears like the phrase getting “death”) and like brand new lucky wide variety 8 and you may nine.[ Wikipedia “Wedding dinner” ]

In advance of De Beers-this new earth’s prominent diamond team-become onds when you look at the Asia in 1993, there is certainly no Chinese community connected with a wedding ring or diamond wedding band (alternatively, jade and you can gold was commonly used).[ Forbes “Married on the Western” ” ]

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