Post 106a. [Government grants to have local bulk transportation]

  • the house tax;
  • this new inheritance income tax;
  • the fresh new automobile taxation;
  • like taxation toward purchases due to the fact do not accrue on Federation pursuant to help you part (1) otherwise as one for the Federation and the Lander pursuant so you’re able to section (3) associated with the Post
  • the fresh alcohol tax;
  • this new taxation to your playing institutions.
  • Mentions out of social category

For the choosing the latest particular offers of your own Federation in addition to Lander about funds regarding turnover taxation, reductions within the cash obtain because of the Lander from January 1996 by conditions created using esteem to people regarding the income tax law will additionally be taken into account. Info are managed from the federal law introduced pursuant to help you the 3rd sentence regarding the section.

Beginning 1 January 1996 the fresh new Lander would be entitled to a keen allowance of government tax profits to possess reason for regional bulk transportation. Information should be controlled because of the a national law requiring this new consent of Bundesrat. Allocations made pursuant to your basic phrase for the Article should never be taken into consideration for the deciding the latest economic capabilities of an area not as much as section (2) away from Post 107.Leggi tutto