Committing suicide and ong Hitched Persons from Swedish and you will Immigrant Sources

a Sw-Sw: Swedish – Swedish, Sw-Im: Swedish – Immigrant; Im-Sw: Immigrant – Swedish; Im-Inter-Im: Immigrant – Immigrant of various countries; Im-Intra-Im: Immigrant – Immigrant on the exact same country


Overall, 6,249,727 married people old 18 and you can elderly was found in our very own sample; 3,316,524 (53%) ones was basically guys and you will step 1,120,540 (18%) was immigrants. Along the several months off 1991 so you’re able to 2016, 18,116 fatalities taken place on account of suicide. Due to the fact Table ? Table1 step one shows, for genders new ratio off individuals that have article-additional knowledge try large among those just who entered interarried, whether or not they were of Swedish otherwise immigrant sources. The brand new portion of high-money people are greater one of Swedes than just immigrants, regardless of the fresh immigration background of the partner, and you can immigrants whom married Swedes got high incomes than immigrants age or any other nation.Leggi tutto