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  • 1908AD, Paul Pelliot involved Mogao caves and you may cheated away amount of scriptures and you may illustrations.
  • 1910AD, officials escorted stays about collection cavern so you can Beijing towards the demand regarding Qing bodies.
  • 1924AD, Landon•Warner got out several murals and you will 2 statues inside the Mogao.
  • 1941AD, New famous painter – Zhangdaqian came to Mogao and possess resided three years for backup and read.
  • 1944AD, The fresh Dunhuang Lookup Academy are founded.
  • 1987AD, New Mogao caves is listed while the community cultural customs because of the UNESCO.

The “Dunhuang Deity” for the first time in the country cord stunt Secret Art Facebook do rosebrides with the acrobatics, you can find three major innovations: Basic, help “Flying” really fly on-stage to each other having fun with acrobatic stunt so that “flying” over the stage shuttling back and forth, and the world was thrilling, most spectacular

For the 1979, Dunhuang try opened up to the world plus in 1986 Dunhuang try nominated once the typically and you will culturally popular city of Asia.Leggi tutto