Ordinals: (Eleventh, Twelfth, as much as Seventeenth) undecimus, duodecimus, tertius decimus, quartus decimus, quintus decimus, sextus decimus, septimus decimus

Within the ‘good’ Latin eighteenth. ‘ought’ becoming ‘two lower than the newest 20th.’ which would feel duodevicesimus but this is certainly rather rare. It’s usually octavo decimo , rendering it a great deal easier to consider.

19th. may differ tremendously. ‘Good’ publishers published ‘1 regarding twentieth.’ i.elizabeth. undevicesimo Perish. Nonetheless it was also authored nono decimo after they decided it.

twentieth. are usually authored vicesimo Die . provided the author you can expect to spell, but he usually experimented with viccesimo , vicessimo , or viccessimo depending on how his pencil worked one date. In the event the he was in fact enthusiastic, the guy including aimed for a long s from time to time, very vicefimo must be noticed aside getting.

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