I hope this is the start of something big!

Hooray! I am 52 and I can still remember the “old days” when we only wore casual clothes for casual occasions, such as after school, Saturdays, etc. We looked respectable for school and church. It was fun to look nice, and it was also fun to change into casual clothes, but even our casual clothes were attractive. Now most of look sloppy 24-7. Even our nightclothes are dumpy. The only thing we seem to care about is having sexy underwear.

This really is not about money. When I was a child we struggled to make ends meet, but we always had dress shoes for church, and we looked respectable when we went to school, even if we wore the same shoes every day and the same clothes from week to week.

What is wrong with these slobs?

Take a look at movies and television shows from the 1940’s and 1950’s. People took pride in their appearance. Wouldn’t it be great if we tried that again?

Wow – things have gone straight downhill as far as the dress code , since I was a kid! i remember being thrown out of church in the 60’s because I forgot to wear a hat! And online payday loans Florida no credit check I was a kid! Today the most offensive thing is seeing older women in tight fitting stretch pants in church UGH. Disgusting! and we have to all stare at their big fat bottoms as they always seem to sit in the front row ! Soon they are going to be walking in in their underware, unless somebody puts their foot down and tells them to knock it off!! We always used to dress nice for church and we actually looked forward to dressing up- it was fun. I miss those days!

I’ve read the blog and have read most of the comments. My perspective of this is the thought of the blog and many of the commenter’s is a viewpoint of nostalgia. As we all should know, life is change. Even a diamond will eventually change and indeed it is changing slowly to its base form. The dress code issue Msgr. Charles Pope blog is a clear example of this. It is not necessarily a bad viewpoint nor is it a good viewpoint. It is an opinion based on the past. Dress codes have been in existence throughout history. At one point if you of a certain field such as doctor, lawyer or laborer you had a style of dress mandated for you. Indeed it was against the law to go outside of your dress.

Hat style have come and gone with the hat being more recreational than it was 100 years ago

As time progressed this style of thought became obsolete especially in America. We can look at bathing suits as an evolution of dress as well as the suit and tie in the workplace. Church is one of the last vestiges left where change occurs at a glacial pace. To many it is too fast while for others not fast enough. Yes, years ago the parish church in the community was the conscience of the populous and often guided or coerced individuals into a way of thinking. The modern age with its means of travel and other such paths have changed the church in many ways which in my opinion is a more positive viewpoint on the church.

As in all ideas, there are those for and against. This is where Msgr. It now evolves from the cultural idea to a theological idea and now the danger begins to show. The argument I see is slighted more towards women and has me cautioning myself. I see opinions stating it is the fault of the wearer that an individual is unable to concentrate on mass. I even read somewhere about a veil. I’ve spent over 30 years studying various religions especially Islam and I shudder to think of forcing women to wear veils. There is blame placed by some and nostalgia inferred by others. Is going to mass visiting the house of God? Are we a family when at mass? I was tilies people are different.