Certain questions relating to the word of like otherwise sexual desire for idols )

3.step 3 Ethical factors, constraints, and you may reflexivity

Every people signed told agree versions in order for they participated in this new interviews with full expertise in the dangers and advantages of the study. They are able to will not answer questions whenever they end up being uncomfortable, while the particular questions regarding terms out of sexual notice and sexual direction would be sensitive for almost all interviewees. Additionally, detailed information and you may responses such as the idols interviewees try idolizing, interviewees’ dissatisfaction that have professionals on the partner area, and their statements on traditional media’s account on the fandom-related factors will not be distributed to people away from which browse. Pseudonyms were plus provided to be certain that respondents’ confidentiality. The quote of the many anonymized guidance and stuff inside lookup has been approved by most of the interviewees.

In terms of constraints associated with the search, first, the standard and you will precision away from interviews may vary, given that participants get keep back otherwise changes info, and sometimes they might refute the root linkage between its view and you can means (Berger 1998). Eg, one interviewee said that “Really don’t want to get married and now have kids, but I actually do require one thing to remain me personally observed. This is exactly why I buy idol dolls.” But when I asked, “do you think idol dolls could be the choice to family members?” She answered, “no, I do believe it (purchasing idol dolls) is merely a random pastime.”

Next limit is founded on the fresh class. Whether or not in the sixty % of your own idol toy buyers are adults, young people (old of thirteen to 18) and enjoy an important role about idol-toy fan neighborhood. However, young people commonly included in the studies since it is difficult locate parental permission and you may adolescent assent (we.age., a keen affirmative agreement to become listed on). A much bigger shot connected with a whole lot more teenage members is expected to have future look on the comparable topics, which give a more done comprehension of motivations behind fans’ idol-toy orders.

Are you aware that search reflexivity, because a person in Gen Z and additionally a keen idol-toy customer who has got very first history information about idol-cotton-doll use and you will enthusiast people, the researcher might have been observing mother fans’ pick methods to own an excellent while. The latest mutual socio-cultural records and event helped mcdougal get in touch with reputable participants and gain faith from them, and so enabling the author to help expand probe to their root reasons. Yet not, as a result of the researcher’s solid effectiveness new stigmatization and criticism out of fangirls from popular news, brand new specialist get in some instances failed to stay basic and you may https://getbride.org/sv/kubanska-kvinnor/ could have inadvertently indicated her own feedback from inside the interviews.

cuatro Abilities and conversation

This point gift ideas an important conclusions exposed on thematic study, and this can be put into two significant templates, (1) Mother fans’ psychological means and (2) identification about fan community.

4.1 Mom fans’ emotional requires

According to the textual investigation regarding nine selected blogs, mainstream media merely interprets fans because people, emphasizing its financial advantages and you may ignoring its emotional requires. There is a tendency to criticize fans’ use and you will partner society. That is, the acquisition out of idol dolls, once the a particular particular new enthusiast economy, try adversely presented since “irrational usage by the unformed and you can obsessive (female) fans”. Also, idol-enthusiast culture is seen as “distorted”, “chaotic” otherwise “spinning out of control”, together with partner savings significantly less than so it condition try translated due to the fact a good technique for “exploiting fans” for example “will be limited”. Because of it research, it is important so you’re able to de–stigmatize idol-partner community and you can see the battles and you can emotional demands from mom fans, because could help know fans’ reasons for purchasing idol dolls.